Great tool but... No warnings about data loss, SERIOUSLY???

The interface is sleek and intuitive, well done for this, but you’re helping people erase an entire DATA STORAGE item with a simple click. Thank goodness you did put a popup for large drives or I would have erased my whole life!
Though that popup does NOT mention data loss!!! It just says something similar to “Hm, this seems big, you sure you want to do that?” which gave me serious pause since it is the backup HDD of my recently stolen laptop.

Hard to grasp why that popup isn’t displayed for ALL drive size with a message more akin to “This will erase ALL data on this drive. Do you want to proceed?” kind of thing?

I understand it is free but… since it is open source, would you like me to change the text? :expressionless:



Thanks for your post - I think it’s a valid concern and maybe we can have a more verbose message. I have informed our devs that there is request for this to be added - do also see an existing ticket on GitHub discussing the same issue here

As you said, Etcher is an opensource project, so feel free to send a PR. If you do so, don’t forget to link the above issue as well!