No warning about the fact youre going to format your usb is 10/10 choice, only lost my pgp keyring and bunch of other stuff like recovery codes, haha but who needs that right.

Edited: please keep your tone down.

Hi there,
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A USB stick is made of flash memory, and the term flashing refers to the overwriting of the flash memory. Indeed, a synonym of disk formatting in the context of IoT devices and the Etcher application. Within the IoT community (where Etcher came from) and for the Etcher developers, it would have been “obvious” that clicking the Flash button would overwrite all data in the selected disk drive (“this is what Flash means”), hence the absence of warning messages. However, I can see how this may not be clear to all possible users of Etcher, especially as the tool is growing in popularity and starting to reach beyond the core IoT community. I have created the following GitHub issue requesting that a warning message be added to the GUI:

By the way, Etcher is an open source tool, and if you would like to make sure that a warning message is added, you are welcome to contribute a pull request! :slight_smile:

I was angry writing the post, i have managed to recover most of pictures and videos, however all gpg files and many txt files containing codes were lost, oh well.
I understand it might be obvious to most that data will be lost and overwritten, it wasnt to me and i think that a little popup just after user hits flash saying "all data will be lost if you continue - will not be too annoying to people that already know that, but it will absolutely save people who dont understand the concept of flashing, like me.
In turn saving you guys some time too if you think about it, no more people like me venting on forums to reply to.
Thanks for requesting the warning pdcastro, if its added you saved some people from dataloss and anger. I would go ahead and do the contribution myself if i knew how to write code and understood it, but i think if i knew that i wouldnt be having this issue in the first place.
Best regards