Grafana sms notification using webhooks and AWS


I am trying to build an SMS notification service to use with grafana to send sms alerts.
It is based of this article SMS Alerts in Grafana using a Custom Webhook and AWS SNS | Medium.

The configuration I used :

I was able to spin up the container and get it working.

When trying to setup notification on grafana the test is failing.

I have tried using localhost but no use.

As way to test the python script used ( I tried running the script in the same container as grafana on port 5000 and the notification sms is succesfull. So the script must be okay.

this is my docker-compse

version: '2'
    restart: always
    build: ./influxdb
      - 'sense-data:/data'
    restart: always
    build: ./grafana
      - "80"
      - 'sense-data:/data'
        - 'HOME_DASHBOARD_UID=balenaSense'
        - 'GF_PATHS_DATA=/data/grafana'
        - 'GF_SERVER_HTTP_PORT=80'
        - 'GF_SESSION_PROVIDER=memory'
    build: ./sensor
    privileged: true
    restart: always
      - 'sense-data:/data'

    build: ./sms
    restart: always

Does anyone have any suggession or ideas what I might be doing wrong ?
Any help appriciated.

Never mind Figured it out. use

    build: ./sms
    restart: always
    hostname: sms

Super cool project @Ausyp

Tell us more on the Show & Tell category why are you using Grafana + SMS alerts on your IoT Edge project.

Looking forward to learn more about it.

So I am building temperature monitoring device for vaccine fridges. The main Idea being to be able to intervene before a temperature breach and prevent vaccine wastage. Thats why SMS notification is needed.

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Hello @Ausyp did you solve your issues on your project?

Hey! is everything running good now?

I have been away for a while. Everything is going good thanks for checking. thanks for all your help. :slight_smile:

Good to hear that the wproject works now @Ausyp

Let us know how more we can help you!