balenaLocating send notifications via email and sms

Hello again, Im Using the Balena Locating Project and I’m trying to send notifications via E-mail and SMS when a tag is not in range of the raspberry pi. I do not know where to modify or how to modify the program or if there is an option to just add it.

Hey again,

Notifications are not something balenaLocating does at the moment.

If you wanted to try and add alerting yourself, I think you have 2 options:

  1. Use the alerting functionality of Influx Cloud.
  2. Add custom code to the dashboard service of balenaLocating

Option 1 will not need any code writing. I’ve not tried it myself, but a quick glance at that blog post I linked makes it look simple enough.

For option 2, since the dashboard service is written in .NET C#, I would probably use something like SendGrid. If you do attempt this, let me know. It is probably functionality other people would enjoy. :slight_smile: