Good Starting Place for Local Balena Device UI

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Hey guys,

Finally we have the starter interface at a point where it includes all the envisioned initial features. Of course there are areas we would like to tune and new components that we will look to add in the future, but in terms of a base and vision it is now where we were hoping to be. The main new addition, is the ability to configure the interface from a config.yml file, which allows specifying which of the components you would like to be visible and where, and then allows adding it to your existing projects with only a few lines and no build steps. You can check out the documentation Quick Start for more info. The documentation also contains all the info needed to brand it differently, change logos, titles, fonts etc.

Looking forward to hearing any thoughts.

@maggie0002 terrific work!
Would still love to see how we could add authentication, I had done a little digging with Auth0 to see what might be possible without requiring a network connection - for example, if you put the whole UI behind authentication, how do you handle accessing before configuring wifi-connect when you’re still “offline”. But concluded its beyond my technical ability.

Authentication could be extremely useful, especially considering that while playing with local UI, my containers (and secret env variables :scream: ) were publicly accessible!

Very impressed with how far this has come though :clap:

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