Noob, first question - just deployed first project

Hello forum,

I received my first raspberry pi last week (pi 4, 4gb), loaded balenaOS and the device showed up in my dashboard in no time.

Then I uploaded this example as my first test, using the balenaos cli. The project deployed without any hassles. The example is a simple server, when I point my browser to the pi’s ip address on my local network its’ supposed to show “Hello World!”. Instead of this I get balena’s welcome page.

So I feel that I’ve made progress but I don’t think that the actual js is running correctly.


Hi Hein

Welcome to the balena community! Good job with getting started with balenaOS and balenaCloud :fireworks:

We don’t actually see your application when you share the public URL. Can you share your app so that we can take a better look?

Sorry, I mistakenly pasted the link to my device when I meant to paste the link to the example I deployed.

This is the example:

I’m playing with other examples, so my public link probably won’t show much in the near future.

. What the browser displayed seems like a standard Balena welcome page, the text is pasted below:

Welcome to balena!

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Hi Hein

The example shows the contents of the index.html file that is part of this project. See here.
Have you made changes to this file before deploying that?
Another thing you could do is host a separate file, and change this line in the server.js file

Got it. So basically if that index.html displays, it means the project is working properly. Right?

Now on to learning more about node.js to do something actually useful.

That’s pretty much it… Have fun o/