git clone wants a username/password

see title.

balena@debian: ~$ git clone
Cloning into 'open-balena' ...
Username for '':

Did I oversee that there is a username / password given somewhere in the setup guide?

This looks absolutly fine, I tried to replicate the issue but it did work on my end (not getting asked for username and password - and there is also none needed - you can find the repo directly here GitHub - balena-io/open-balena: Open source software to manage connected IoT devices at scale :slight_smile: )
On which machine are you trying to clone the repo to? Does it have valid time and date (important for SSL certs)?
Could you crosscheck if you got the same issue with other repos?
Best regards :slight_smile:

Hi @golemun, in addition to nmaas87’s questions, this GitHub doc explains why you’re being asked for your password: Why is Git always asking for my password? - GitHub Docs

Hope that helps!


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Totally my bad - I did not see my VM being one timezone ahead :frowning:

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