Run passbolt password manager on Balena

Hi :wave:

It is my first post on Balena and my first contribution :hugs:

I’m JC, Linux system administrator and support engineer at passbolt. I discovered Balena through passbolt community forum and @mpous encouraged me to submit the application to BalenaHub, so here am I :slight_smile:

passbolt is an open-source password manager designed for collaboration, built in Europe, more precisely in Luxembourg.

It is based on PGP and passwords are encrypted with public keys of users, you must own the private key to be able to decrypt passwords. passbolt uses a browser extension, and the private PGP key is stored in this extension. That’s why you need to recover your account and restore your private key if you want to use the extension in another browser. Make a backup of your private key in a safe place, if you loose it, you will loose access to your passwords !

So I pushed balena-passbolt in balena hub, you should be able to deploy by clicking on this button:

deploy button

You will find instructions about how to create your first admin in the description of the fleet.

I have successfully setup on Raspberry Pi zero and 2 but the docker image should be compatible with most CPU architectures, I am interested for your feedbacks. There is 2 containers running in this fleet (passbolt + database) but as I don’t trust sdcards, I think I will add a 3rd container to handle backups. I think you don’t want to loose your passwords.

Feel free to give a try and let me know if you have questions !



Hi @AnatomicJC , welcome to balenaForums and thanks for submitting passbolt to balenaHub. It’s indeed a really interesting one especially for self-hosting enthusiasts like me :slight_smile:

Thank you @iayanpahwa for the warm welcome, don’t hesitate to give feedback. I am open to any suggestion about the way to provide softwares for Balena.


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