Getting wifi dongle seen on resinOS

Raspberry Pi 3’s internal wi-fi does not work well when signal is low, and it’s critical in my case, so I try to fix it with external wi-fi dongles.

This no-name wi-fi adapter, which according to the drivers included seems to carry MediaTek MT7610U chip does work under Raspbian without any driver installation (ifconfig shows wlan1 in addition to wlan0). But under resinOS there is only one in-built wlan0 interface.

I also tried EDUP EP-N8508GS dongle, and it does work under resinOS (without any driver installation), but it has no antenna, and no gain compared to in-built wi-fi.

Do you have any ideas or may be can suggest dongle model names with external antenna that surely work under resinOS?

You can find a non-exhaustive list of supported dongles here.

Hope that helps.

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