Geiger count on external db


I have created simple radiation monitor by following this blog post: . After reboot all data is gone and I would like stats to be saved. How do i do that? Do i need to write it to external db? If so then how can I configure it?

Hi there, the data should persist between reboots, since it is mapped to a named volume. As long as that volume name does not change, the data in the volume will persist across updates. Have you checked the contents of /data in your containers?

I believe I have found what was my issue. To reboot device I chose Reset, no Reboot button.

But is there an option to export data to external database? For safe keeping.

Hey @maigonis, we are using influxdb to store the data on the device. We’re you hoping for a way to do an on-demand database export for backup purposes, or use an external database of your own?