f.toFixed is not a function

Hi all After setting out to use balena to track geiger counter data I had a problem with the database it wasn’t being created please see Database not found

I’m fairly sure the database name was cuasing the issue, however now that I have created the database don’t seam to get any data.

An error apears The only error I have is an error f.toFixed is not a function the counts per minute and all the other graphs are empty.

Does any one how I can recreate the database properly? I’m totaly stuck I’m not a dev thats why I chose balena in the first place so I can deploy these sensors quickly best regards

The project relates to Build a simple radiation monitor using a Raspberry Pi, InfluxDB and Grafana

If any has a infuxdb schema for this project can I import that to ensure everything is configured properly?

Thanks in advance.

@blazinfatherted how are you trying to deploy this project? What method of deploying on balena are you using? It’s very strange that you are continuing to have issues as the whole point of building the project within balenaCloud is that it’s reproducible. When I saw your other thread last week I tested the project end to end on the same geiger counter that I built it on and it all works fine. The problems you’re having in the other thread and this one feel like they could be due to variances in package versions.

Yes thanks for sharing I will try again. I;m following the steps in this article Build a simple radiation monitor using a Raspberry Pi, InfluxDB and Grafana

I am using a Pi zero wifi (1st gen)if that is of any clue. The database never gets created in the deployment.

I might delete everything and start again.

Thank you