For the dashboard wish list: search a device over all applications


I don’t know where to ask for this, if this is the right forum, it’s a feature request for the dashboard…

We have several applications with different versions, so it’s sometimes difficult to find a specific device.

It would help a lot if it would be possible to search devices over all the applications instead of first choosing application and then searching for a device.

I don’t know if we are the only ones with this request :slight_smile:


Hey, what properties do you use when you are trying to find a specific device? The device name, or something else?

I’d guess the resin-cli might work, specifically the resin devices command that you can filter:

$ resin devices
377101 f73a66f autumn-paper        raspberrypi3          deploy            Idle        false     2.8.3              Resin OS 1.24.1
456382 79da1bc black-star          raspberrypi3          mounting          Stopping    false     2.8.3              Resin OS 1.24.1
348288 60bcbb5 blue-sunset         raspberry-pi          bridgeclient      Idle        false     2.8.3              Resin OS 1.24.1
376670 e463138 bold-sun            intel-edison          mraa              Idle        false     2.8.3              Resin OS 1.24.1
205969 2ea3cee LDN-B3              raspberrypi3          microBeastLondon  Idle        true      2.8.3              Resin OS 1.24.1
499766 0d0b3de snowy-bush          raspberry-pi          iotphat           Stopping    false     4.0.0              Resin OS 2.0.0-rc1.rev2
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oh, yes, I can use this. I just want to filter on the name. so I could do

resin devices | grep "my-device-name"

this helps (though doing it from the dashboard would still be useful when we don’t have access to a terminal, which happens sometimes :))

thanks :slight_smile:

Glad it can work for you, and thanks for the details, all that does make sense. We’ve added this info our internal issue tracker! :page_with_curl:

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I support this feature request!

We have several applications (beta/production) with a fleet of raspi2’s and 3’s. Therefore it can be quite hard to find a device in the dashboard.

Applicationwide search (devicename) would be great!

We actually just discussed this feature today and plan to start working on it soon :slight_smile: watch this space!

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You guys rock :metal:

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