Flashing image from URL - authentication

I want to flash an image from a URL. Balena Etcher needs authentication to do this. What credentials are needed? I’ve tried appimages on Linux and W10 and they both need authentication. My OS login credentials don’t work…



Are you able to share a screenshot of the request for credentials? I’m unsure from the description if the credentials request is coming from the OS or Etcher, but a screenshot could help us sort it out as well as maybe provide some more hints for why the requirement is occurring.

Can you also share which version of Etcher you’re using, just so we know which to use when trying to replicate the behavior?


Balena Etcher v 1.7.9

I attach a screenshot. I get this problem using the program on Xubuntu
as an appimage, and also on W10 as a native program.

Thanks for the quick reply.


Hi @jimford we’re trying to determine where the request for credentials is coming from. Are you able to send a request using curl to the link or access it directly from the browser without being asked for authentication?

Please provide screen shots and any error messages you have received when trying to access the URL.

Hi. Thanks for the reply.

I gave up in the end and used Raspberry PI Imager, which did the job fine.



Thanks for letting us know. I wish we’d gotten a chance to get some additional information so that we could replicate and investigate, but appreciate at least that you reported it so we can keep an eye out for similar reports.