Am trying to download the balenaEtcher set up but the download won't finish because it wants me to input the username and password which i did input but the problem still insisted is there another way to download it?


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Hello, from which website are you trying to download Etcher? The official site at balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives download link should not require any password.

I had a same problem

My download stuck at 91% and need a username and a password


I just download it on browser

Just avoid using downloader and you’ll fine

Could you please explain what downloader you are talking about?
There are malicious / infected versions of balenaEtcher floating around the net.
Please make sure only to download etcher from the official sources:


otherwise you risk infecting your computer with malware

I am currently using XDM

yes i’m really aware of that

No problem I download it from the original website

Hi @agteslate, did the download process successfully after using the official source?