Flash USB: Succeeded. Flash SSD: Failed.


I have a SSD with 4 (USB-)Drives*. Each one have a capacity of 2TB (1810 GiB).
Also I have a USB with 64GB (58.5 GiB).
When I try to flash my .iso image (Garuda Linux) on the USB, it works just fine, but when I try the same with a SSD Drive it doesn’t work.

(* I don’t know if these are USB-Drives, but the FIle Explorer says: USB-Drive, so I guess that they’re USB-Drives)


Thank you.

Can you share what error you run into with SSD?

So, it’s:
{“stack”:“Error: Error invoking remote method ‘enable-screensaver’: No handler registered for ‘enable-screensaver’\n at EventEmitter.i.invoke (electron/js2c/renderer_init.js:73:529)”,“message”:“Error invoking remote method ‘enable-screensaver’: No handler registered for ‘enable-screensaver’”}

This doesn’t look related to SSD. Are you able to flash the SSD with .iso image?

No, I’m not.

I do the same as I do with my USB Stick.
Select .iso image file; select the drive I want it to flash to and flash it.

I don’t get what you mean by “a SSD with 4 (USB-)Drives”

Do you mean there are 4 partitions on that SSD?
Maybe you can share a screenshot if it makes things easier to understand.

Look at this:

There are 4 Drives combined. Every one of them has it’s own primary partition, or do I get it wrong?

So it looks like you have more disks connected. Could you clarify what kind of disk device you have. Is it a single usb connected SSD? What is also a bit concerning is that all disks seem to be full.

Hi. As I said I am not sure whether it’s a SSD with 4 Partitions on it or a “SSD” with 4 Drives on it → A collection of USB-Drives. (But I guess it’s a collection)

The Drives aren’t full…

The drive full or not should not matter, flashing overwrites everything on it.

Based on the screenshot and descriptions I can only guess here too. That there are the same device showing up as 4 by some windows magic.
Can you meke a screenshot from ‘Disk Management’ win+r diskmgmt.msc ?

I figured it out (not everything).
These are 4 partitions and every single one of them has a nested partition → A Primary Partition.
And that’s why they are shown as drives.
And this maybe cause the error (Chat GPT).
So theoretically, if I delete those Primary Partitions then I could override one of them.

How to do that? xD I mean, ofc I can use Disk Part but I get stuck (How to select a Partition :frowning:)
Maybe it looks like the partition is already selected but I can’t do operations on it. DiskPart says:
No Partition Selected.


Good to see some progress.
In diskpart

select disk 4
select partition 1

no need of equal signs

Can’t we do this over Discord?