Flash USB Drive Partition

I am trying to flash several different OS on the same drive. I partitioned my drive to three EXFat partitions but when I use Etcher only my main drive shows up.

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This is exactly what I would like to do too!

I did some research online, and I found an app that would allow you to do this. I doubt that it would be ok to share a link to it however, as it could be seen as a competitor app. But the name of the app is Multiboot USB. On the site, their instructions need to be improved.

When you go to install the app, it needs to be installed as root. So you are going to want to go into your terminal and type in GKSU Nautilus, which will open your file manager as root, navigate to the desktop where you extracted the installer, and open it from there, and follow the rest of their instructions.

The app will allow you to put multiple bootable ISO’s onto the same USB drive. I plan to put Zorin Live ISO, Clonezilla Live ISO, and Gparted Live ISO, all on the same drive. I can pretty much handle any computer task with those three tools at my disposal.

@n0w0rk Etcher currently doesn’t support flashing to individual partitions, and while this is something we’ve looked at potentially doing before, there’s currently no plan to add this feature (but that might change!)

@StarTreker that’s okay – we even link to “competitors” from Etcher (i.e. in the user docs, or the Windows image warning) :slight_smile: