Flash multiple Compute Modules

I’ve installed Etcher 1.4.4 on a Linux Mint 18PC and also on a Windows 7 PC.
Plugged in is CM3 baseboard with a CM3.

With both I can flash the CM when I first run rpiboot.

With Etcher without rpiboot:

Under Windows I get the error ‘cannot read property “claim” of undefined’ once and have to restart etcher and reconnect the CM, after that the CM is mounted and I can flash one.
I can also connect two CM (gives me the error ‘LIBUSB_ERROR_IO’, I disconnect all, restart etcher, try again, then it works)
But I can’t flash them both, I instantly get a ‘1 failed device’ bagde.

Under linux no CM is detected at all.

It would be really great for if we’ll get this running. Flashing the CM in bunches of 10 instead of one by one would be very nice.

Hi @seb
We tracked the issue on github here and we’re about to release version 1.4.7 that should allow connecting multiple CMs at the same time.
Meanwhile, try downloading the more recent 1.4.6 and see how it goes for a single CM, beware though that you need to run it with admin permissions