Flashing CM4 - Issue needs attention


We are manufacturing a product with CM4 and would really like to utilize our etcher pro. We are waiting for this fix and for full integration into etcher pro.

Hi, flashing CM4 with etcher and therefore etcherPro is in our interest as well. We are currently working on the implementation and we have a pretty good idea on how to proceed which means that this shouldn’t take too much time. We’ll keep you posted.


It looks like this issue is now resolved on mainline Etcher, but our Etcher Pro is 2 versions behind after its latest software update.

It looks like fleet sw 1.3.0 v1.3.0 · balena-io-hardware/etcherPro-fleet-sw@fa87b91 · GitHub includes the necessary fixes for CM4 (etcher 1.14.2), but our pro won’t update past 1.14.0

Serial s000149

Based on the serial number, I think you got a reply on github, just to have a summary here too:

The EtcherPro release which should have contained the 1.14.2 version of balenaEtcher still had the version 1.14.0.
Fixed this issue and pushed a new release, the EtcherPros should update to a release with etcher 1.14.3 now.

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