Flash Jetson Agx Xavier Devkit SD Card

I’m trying to boot Jetson Agx Xavier Devkit for SD card, I want to use balena etcher but seems we have OS image for just Jetson Agx Xavier(no devkit and no sd card) as shown in the image below, am I right?

Hello! It looks like you are correct and we don’t have an SD card image for Jetson AGX Xavier, but I also can’t find that variant on the NVIDIA website. The Jetson AGX Xavier Dev Kit appears to be eMMC only.
Can you point us to the documentation and tech specs so we can track the request?

I found some work done by the nvidia community but it involves using sdk manager to flash the sd card, and it didn’t work until now, here is a link How to Boot From SD Card? - #12 by hijikata_M - Jetson AGX Xavier - NVIDIA Developer Forums