Nvidia Jetson Xavier


I’m going over the documentation (https://www.balena.io/jetson/) on Nvidia Jetson Balena supported devices and is not clear for Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier if the OS Image is for the developer kit or the actual board… I’m asking because for the Jetson Nano there are 2 different images, one for the SD Card and the other one for eMMC storage.

I was hoping to validate this before buying a new one (the are pretty expensive).

Thanks in advance!

Hi, the image if for the Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX Devkit eMMC. What do you mean by " the OS Image is for the developer kit or the actual board"? What is the actual board as opposed to the devkit?


I refer to this (images below), that the Jetson Nano has 2 different OS images, but the Jetson Xavier only has one… My question is now, will that image for Jetson Xavier work for Jetson AGX Xavier and Jetson AGX Xavier Dev Kit. I think both are eMMC storage, but still would like confirmation.



Hi, the Nvidia Jetson Xavier OS release should support the Jetson AGX Xavier development kit and the Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX Devkit eMMC should support the Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX eMMC.
Can you please paste a link to the exact hw version you intend to use? Would be easier to asses if we have a link for that.

If you intend to only buy the Jetson AGX Xavier module, what carrier board will you be using with it? That’s what I need to know.


This is the link in Amazon -> https://www.amazon.com/NVIDIA-Jetson-Xavier-Developer-32GB/dp/B083ZL3X5B/

The link was obtained from the Nvidia website -> https://developer.nvidia.com/buy-jetson


We are planning to use first the developer kit that Nvidia provides… We still have not looked at carrier baords.

Do you have suggestions for carrier boards?


So https://www.amazon.com/NVIDIA-Jetson-Xavier-Developer-32GB/dp/B083ZL3X5B/ links to the AGX model while https://developer.nvidia.com/buy-jetson links to the AGX and NX models.

Which of them do you intend to use? AGX or NX?


From the Nvidia link, the first item is the NX model, a bit below is the AGX one as showed in the image below. We intend to use AGX.

For the AGX, the Nvidia Jetson Xavier should work out of the box for Jetson AGX Xavier development kit. When using carrier boards you might require changes, depending on the hw changes the carrier board has. If the carrier board is a depopulated version of the devkit, then you should be good to go.

Thanks for the validation, by any chance do you guys have tested with specific carrier boards and are able to add here a few?

Is just to know that if we decide to go to production with the AGX, we would start testing with a carrier board that you guys have already tested and flashed.


Hi @eeb,

We use the devkit for testing the dashboard images, currently we don’t have any other Xavier AGX carrier board around to give feedback on.