BalenaOS on NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX devkit not booting to OS


I am trying to load balenaOS on NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Devkit and using SD card Image.

The module is not getting booted up, It shows some boot screen with Balena logo/name, some I/O activities and continues till some brackets etc but never boots into desktop or initial configuration.

But my USB mouse and keyboards are getting detected as I can see num+lock and caps+lock keys are accessible.

Used below image to flash SD Card from linux host:

Using balenaEtcher tool in Linux(Ubuntu 18) based host to make SD card image .
After flashing SD card successfully, I put the SD card in devkit SD card slot and tried to power ON.
It is not booting to Balena OS, I can see some log screen and it hangs there(see attched image)

Attached boot screen picture for reference. Please help on this to make further progress.