Flash failed with v1.7.9 Windows

Hello all,

Thank you for your great program! I have already used it several times.

Unfortunately, I got desperate at the weekend.
I wanted to flash DietPi on an SD card with V 1.7.9 under Windows 10 (as usual). At the end I always got a “flash failed” message.

On the same laptop, same SD card, same SD slot, same image, I tried it under Linux Mint (dual boot with windows). Here it ran through directly on the first try.

What could have been the problem here?

Greetings :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear about this. Are you running Etcher as an administrator on Windows 10? I might try that and see what result you get. The image seems to be fine since flashing it on Etcher + Linux works.

Must be something to do with Windows 10. Please try my recommendation and then we can go from there.