Flash Failed. Module Not Found.

Noob Alert.
Running Windows 11.
I’ve redownloaded tails multiple times to make sure the file was not corrupted.
The file ends with .img
Please help :sob:


it is a bit difficult to find out where you need help from this amount of info, so lets go step by step.

  1. you download the tails image (seems done)
  2. you download and install etcher, no install needed if it is the portable version
  3. you launch etcher
  4. you click the Flash from file and select the tails img you downloaded at the first step
  5. you click the second button in ether Select target and you select a pendrive/sdcard/ssd where you want to flash Tails. This drive needs to be a different one than the one where you have the img currently and different than the one used by your operating sistem to run from. Flasing the image overwrites the contents of the target drive completely and makes a bootable Tails drive from it.
  6. You click flash
  7. etcher asks for admin password if you havent started it as admin already, you give it the password and it starts flashing
  8. you wait until it finishes
  9. you reboot your computer, and press esc/f10/del (varies by computer) to enter the boot device selection during boot
  10. you select the tails drive you just flashed
  11. you booted into tails