Firefox only misconfigured fonts for device logs.

Not sure where to report this bug, but a picture is worth a thousand words:

What we are seeing here, is that the fonts are not used correctly when using Firefox and the devices web interface. The right window is of Firefox, and the left is of Chromium, both displaying the exact same logs, but Firefox’ display is broken.

Hey there! Thanks for sharing this. What version of Firefox are you running and on what Linux distribution? Does that happen on every device logs, or just that specific one?

Hey :slight_smile: I’m using NixOS, With Firefox 80. Here’s a screenshot of my Fonts related settings in Firefox:

But, I can’t reproduce this on Android’s Fennec from F-Droid:

Thanks a lot for the quick response. I’ll submit an internal ticket on our dashboard repository. I’ll connect this issue to the ticket, and we’ll notify you here when the issue is resolved, so you can check it out and confirm it works. Thanks again!

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I got a few “Dashboard version” updates notifications since I opened the issue, but I still don’t see the logs properly. Maybe this is relevant:

@jviotti are there any updates on the issue? Did the team managed to reproduce it? I still suffer from it.


We have already created an internal ticket and will be working on this issue. I don’t have an ETA on this but once this is fixed and the ticket is closed we will inform you.


Seeing the same issue here, on Firefox 81 on ArchLinux. Seems to be due to Firefox privacy setting blocking canvas image data. If you allow this then it works as expected. If you then revoke the permissions it goes back to not working.


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Thanks for reporting this Michael I added your comment to the UI issue it would be useful to the front-end team.

That worked for me too! Thanks :smiley_cat:.