Dashboard unresponsive in Firefox

The dashboard is practically useless for me on Firefox. It is extremely sluggish and firefox gives me a slow script prompt after a while. This started within the last month, I think.

Some other issues I noticed before this happened:

  • Chrome-based browsers show a nicer font in the terminal
  • Sometimes the terminal would show transparent text. You select it, but not see it.

Hi there @whm!

Thank you for the feedback! If you could, please help us troubleshoot this issue a bit further:

  1. exactly what page is sluggish for you? Is it a certain tab or panel, or any page? The more specific you can be here, the better!
  2. provide the results of https://www.whatismybrowser.com/ so we know exactly which Firefox you are running!

Do you still notice transparent text, or is that an older observation? I too use Firefox and noticed that often colorized terminal text was invisible, though my issue was fixed in March.

It is specifically the device “dashboard” tab. The page that shows the logs, terminal, and general information.

I believe I experienced transparent text as recently as last week. I’ll let you know if I see it again.

My browser: whatismybrowser.com/w/CWCRLRG.

@whm I tried to replicate the issues you are having with both Firefox 67.0 (the latest production version) and 68.0 (developer version), but there are no visible issues that makes it particularly slow.

One culprit for the slowness issues might be plugins. Can you try disabling all plugins and see if you still experience the “slow script” prompt?

Regarding the “transparent” font, this might be due to some browser settings you have, or maybe the font is being blocked from loading and falling back to the natively present fonts. We will very soon release an update to the dashboard that changes the fonts used everywhere, and although unlikely, it might fix the issue.

Maybe you can try with a new installation separate from your default one, without any plugins or settings, and see if that fixes your problem.

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