Fin not posting after incorrectly seated CM3

I think I broke something. When I first received my Fin I didn’t completely seat the CM3 in its slot. The system didn’t boot. After figuring out that problem I still cannot get the system to boot. I think I might have fried something. I do get the Fin bootscreen for a second and then nothing. Some LEDs do light up, but I’m not in front of the board at the moment so I can’t say exactly which ones.

Any ideas? Did I more likely break the CM3 or Fin? :frowning: (I would prefer that only the CM3 broke)

Hi @fignew,

Could you please share some pictures of your fin (both the LEDs after powering on and also how you have connected the CM3)? This might help us work out what’s happening with your device. It might also be worth checking if your power supply is sufficient for powering the fin; you’ll need something at least capable of 2W at between 6-24 V.