Feature wishes for Etcher

Hi, I have a few feature wishes for Etcher:
as we are currently flashing a lot SD cards, a few things would make life easier:

  1. When flashing more than one SD card simultanously, after the flashing (and reinserting the next batch of SD cards), one has to select again the drives in the “devices” step. I understand that it could be the case that one does not want to use the same as in the last run, but at least it would be helpful to make it configurable (“always use the same drives as in the previous run”)
  2. It would be nice if, after clicking “Flash” button, the password question (on mac) can be omitted somehow. E.g. it would be awesome if this could be cached or so? Not sure whether this is possible.
  3. A resin-integration would be helpful as well. I know that Etcher is not only meant for resin, but hey, it’s your product, why not bundle a bit of functionality :wink:
    What I’m thinking of is the ability to copy a custom config.json file to the flashed image. -> having a folder on a computer and each device gets a unique config.json produced with “resin config” command. Right now after flashing, we have to re-insert the SD card to place the config json manually. Would be cool if for each flash run a dedicated config.json file (prepared somewhere) could be written directly.

Not sure whether these wishes make sense or are easy to implement, but it would make life a bit easier during mass-production :wink:

Thanks a lot!