Feature request: Specify copy count and decrement as users progresses

It would be awesome to have a feature to specify how many copies of an image I need, say 12.
Then as I hit start and walk away and periodically check back, pull cards out, put new cards in, and invariably lose track of which card I am on, keep a count-down timer till I have 12 successfully validated SD cards…

Oh that would be so nice.

Just a simple locally stored history of the UUID (if there is such a thing) of the drives flashed and which image you flashed to each of them. Is there a UUID that is hardware based for sdcards, emmc and usb drives?

You could then count how many flashes you have completed in this session and warn you if you about to re-flash the same drive twice (in the same etcher instance session). (Done this so many times) Normally I try and flash with 4 versions of etcher running at once because I found that more stable than multi targeted flashes.

Etcher is the already the best tool out there for flashing anything Linux to anything, this would just make it even better.

Would the team ever consider integrating an external pull request that would contribute this?


Hi Sam, Thomas, best option for feature requests would be to open an issue at https://github.com/balena-io/etcher

Thank you. I opened an issue, combining all of the above.