Failed Device Flashing Linux

Hi! I’ve been trying to flash my USB with Linux Mint for quite a bit now. I always get the message “Failed device: Check sums are not equal” No matter how many times I download the Iso from the original webpages or if I download a different Linux Distribution (like Ubuntu). the Iso itself is ok, but whenever I try to flash it to my USB it just doesn’t goes well.
I tried to use the Usb despite the warning, and I’ve had a lot error Messages like: booting kernel failed invalid argument ubuntu fix, Failed to load ldlinux.c32 Boot failed: please change disks and press a key to continue." Etc. I just want to have a double boot in my pc with Win 10 and Linux. What can I do?

Thanks :slight_smile:


There might be a MD5 or SHA256 checksum on the Linux Mint download page. Can you share the link to the page from which you are downloading the image?
Once you have downloaded the image, you can check the MD5/SHA256 locally, and compare it to the one that is on the Linux Mint download page. If it doesn’t page, it means there was an issue with your download.

balena-etcher burns centos & opensuse net install ISOs to 2G SD cards fine

redhat centos boots fine

opensuse KERNEL panics on boot but that is a opensuse problem (nothing to do with etcher)

balena-etcher is great