EtcherPro unresponsive during and after flashing sd-cards. BUG

Hi Balena folks,

our etcherpro has some major issues:

In the beginning all was fun and working. But after some online hours and usage in our production we encounter a bug now nearly everytime we use the device.

As soon as a we use the etcherpro to flash sd-cards the device becomes unresponsive and the screen does not turn on, after it sleeps during the flash.

We encounter this behavior nearly after every flash, with tendency to happen when we max out the 16 slots.

We are flashing 2.8 Gb .img Files from URL to 16 GB micro SD-Cards most of them where hama and sanDisk cards.

Urgent Help request, because we kind of need the device…

@Markus.Kohn.GWA can you send your serial number with a link to this thread to Make sure the device is powered on and connected to a network so we can take a look.

Hi there,

thank you for the fast Response. I Just sent the Mail to store@

Best Regards


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I too face the same issue.
How do you solve this ?