Etcher: TypeError: Cannot read property 'UPDATE_NOTIFIER_SLEEP_DAYS'



I’m seeing:
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘UPDATE_NOTIFIER_SLEEP_DAYS’ of undefined at Object.exports.notify
followed by a long traceback when I launch Etcher on Win 7 of late.
The app seems to run OK.

From the property name, I’d guess this is an update checker…



I’m getting the same error when trying to run on my Mac running El Capitan. I just used this app a week or two ago on the same machine with no issues and now I can’t get past the huge popup.


Same here on Ubuntu Xenial


Hey @radilly, @goosman99 @jalim

That is an update notification bug on an older version (fixed in the next version to come soon), you might update to the latest version of balenaEtcher to fix it.

Thanks for posting the error message!



For some reason my mac was trying to open an old version and I didn’t realize it. I deleted everything, Etcher and BalenaEtcher, reinstalled, and everything now appears to work with the latest (1.4.8). Thanks!


Don’t see it with the new version. Thanks!


That is great to know, anything let us know! :wink:


I’m seeing this with 1.4.9.
I’m on Elementary OS Juno, running on a dell xps 13 6370.


So I made the same mistake as @goosman99. 1.4.6 was hiding in my path. Sorry for that. 1.4.9 is working fine. Please forgive this imperfect rushed to get work done engineer of his trangression!! :pleading_face:


Thanks for the update @steve_thibault, glad it’s fixed!