Upgraded Etcher for Windows 64-bit, and get a lot of errors on startup

I Upgraded Etcher for Windows 64-bit, and get a lot of errors on startup.

I don’t see a method of uploading a screen shot and Microsoft doesn’t let you copy the text of the error, but here’s the first error:
“Cannot red property ‘UPDATE_NOTIFIER_SLEEP_DAYS’ of undefined at Objects.exports.notify”

Then about two dozen more similar to this:
“file:///C:/Users/steve/AppData/Local/Programs/etcher/resources/app.asar/generate…:55 at”

Any suggestions? Maybe uninstall and reinstall Etcher?

Hi there – thanks for getting in touch with us. Looking through our Etcher issues, I notice a quite old bug that seems similar to what you’re describing. Can you take a look at https://github.com/balena-io/etcher/issues/2564, and see if the screenshot matches what you’re seeing?

If it does, I’m curious if you’re upgrading from an older of Etcher; that particular bug was from 1.4.7. If so, it would be worth trying to remove Etcher and reinstall, as you suggest.

If you’re not upgrading from a very old version: can you try getting to the developer console by hitting Ctrl-Alt-I, and pasting the logs from that screen in here?

All the best,

Thanks for the very prompt reply. That does look just like my errors. And, like that post said, it doesn’t affect the function of Etcher. I’ll remove and replace.

That did fix it.
Thanks again.

Glad to hear, thanks!