Etcher Pro Release / Pricing

quick question: is there already an estimated timeframe for the release of Etcher Pro?
And a possible price tag?

Thanks and cheers

Since it seems so advanced, i would say 40$ at the cheapest. Could be a lot more.

Hi @fritz, we’re hoping to release Etcher Pro later this summer. We’ll update you with more detailed information once we have it available. We’re still finalizing the bill of materials and therefore the cost, but we expect it to be somewhere around 1k USD, give or take :slight_smile:

Please tell me you’re kidding.

Unfortunately not :confused: if you look at other SD card duplicators on the market with a similar number of targets (Etcher Pro will have 16 targets), they are usually well over 1k USD. Etcher Pro will actually be competitively priced relative to similar duplicators.

looks like a great product

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Need to buy this product. If you are going to release a news announcement, please do so ASAP as summer is ending. I have a clear documented need at this price point, previous experience on using Etcher over many engineering classes and need it this semester which is starting soon.

Does not look like monitoring occurs very often here on this forum. Due to business needs, I am going to have to go buy a more expensive, likely less capable unit. I am an electrical engineer with many decades experience in complex systems including system , electrical, functional and software test. I currently help support teaching in wireless, IoT, Cloud , Security and other graduate courses with networks of hundreds of IoT -type devices in recent times. Wish I could have been engaged in this rollout but looks like it’s not going to happen.

Hi @mhfullme-ncsu apologies for the slow response. We’re still working on an improved design for the Etcher Pro, so estimated availability is not until later in the year. We’ll keep you updated!

Will Windows install disks/ISOs be supported with Etcher Pro?

Any updates on the release timeframe? Will it happen this year?

We are now hoping that the first batch of prototypes will be with us in early 2019. These will be initially available to our existing customer base and then to those that have registered interest via the balenaEtcher mailing list so do sign up for notifications if you haven’t already.

a great product project!

Any updates on this? I’m about to have to flash over 70 Raspberry Pis and this looks like a great solution.

I am already on the mailing list, but I will be doing this project before December 7th and I would like to know if I should wait or if I need to buy from somewhere else.

Hi @cpollock, glad to hear you are interested in our product. Despite the fact that we are aiming to release EtcherPro towards the end of the year, December 7th sounds a bit early. We are going through certification at this point and this process may take a few months. If you want to keep updated with the product’s progress, you can follow this thread. Hope this helps.