Etcher Pro onboard storage? Network access?

Does the Etcher Pro have any onboard storage where we can save image files to it and then not have to use a source device in slot 1?

This would allow us to use all 16 slots for programming instead of source in 1 slot and 15 slots for programming the devices?

As a follow on question, with the SD, microSD and USB on each slot, is it possible to use all three on a single slot simultaneously? Or only one at a time?

Last question - can it be used over the network say in a browser? Or with network attached storage for the images?

Hey @shawaj,

  • There is very little onboard storage so you can’t really store an image and therefore users don’t have access to it. I see your point but your other option is to use a custom URL (we are working to improve the UX there so you can use shorter urls and also save them).

  • For the second questions, unfortunately, you can only use one drive type per slot for hardware reasons but you can mix drive types in different slots

  • We are working to expand network capabilities when we’ll release daisy-chaining where you’ll be able to use EtcherPro via a browser or Etcher on your computer. It’s difficult to estimate when we’ll release this but it shouldn’t be too long.

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