Etcher isn't recognizing/ a new SSD to flash Hive OS

Want to run Hive OS to mine coins but etcher isn’t picking up my fresh 240GB Crucial MX500.
it’s seen in the standard ‘My computer’ side of my computer and I’m just wondering what I could do to resolve this.
I’m currently running windows on another SSD which shows up fine in etcher but as you know it’s the primary and I wish to keep that as it is.
Have tried Rufus-3.17 still the same thing happens/doesn’t happen.

Sorry for the delayed reply @JTrades88 – one quick question to clarify: Regarding Rufus, are you saying that it cannot detect the drive either? (And of course if it is Rufus does not detect it either, it would not be able to flash to it either). If that is indeed true, then it sounds like Windows is not exposing the device properly, or maybe the USB-adapter connecting to the SSD is having some sort of issue. Alternatively, does Etcher detect any other devices, like a USB stick? Thanks!