Etcher is ruining my USB drives

So I’m trying to flash TrueNAS onto a USB drive, but every time it completes the flash, the drive doesn’t show up on any computers?!?

Hi, it’s likely that the flash process was successful and the OS on your computers don’t have support to read the resulting file system on the USB. This is a very common scenario, specially since TrueNAS is linux based. Unless you install proper linux file system support on your computer the drive won’t show up most likely.

I’d say give it a shot (try to boot your device with the USB stick) and let us know if it works.

I tried booting my NAS wit h2 separate USB drives that had been flashed, and the BIOS didn’t even recognize that there was a USB plugged in.

First, is Etcher stating that the Flash was Successful? Second, what is the link to the exact file you are attempting to flash?

Also, it would be very helpful if you could check those USB sticks from a linux machine or VM, because I also suspect that they are indeed flashed, but only contain a linux partition now.

So I figured out the problem. It was a combination of a bad usb port and an out of date BIOS. Thank you for your help.