Etcher hnags in "Starting..." forever

Yesterday I installed balenaEtcher on my Windows 7 computer. I selected Etcher for Winwos [x86!x64]. I attached the 32 GB micro SD Card via USB. The img to flash is raspbian3B_4B.img.gz
from Pyimagesearch. Etcher shows Starting… - forever.
How can I flash the image onto the micro SD card for RaspberryPI?


Which version of balenaEtcher are you using?
Could you please share the logs you see in Etcher’s console? You can open it with ctrl + shift + i, then focusing the Console tab in the window that opens

Also can you send us url to download that image?
Which SD card are you using?

Kakhaber – thank you. Meanwhile I used another laptop and took care that

Just the USB slot with the attached USB/Micro SD was attached – and Etcher worked fine!

Thanks again,