Error with Resin CLI 7.5.2, when trying to run `os configure` command

Hi there,

We are running a production server to provision Balena images which our team then downloads.

The server has been using the Resin CLI, version 7.5.2, and has been working fine.

Two days ago - we noticed that this command failed to work anymore.

$ resin os configure ./raspberrypi3.img --device --deviceApiKey --config

The error returned was:
“Validation: mixpanelToken must not be empty”

We tried repeatedly and this kept happening, over the course of past 2 days.

We wanted to ask:
Will you guys continue supporting the older 7.5.2 version of the CLI and fix this bug, and if so, by when?
Or is it manadatory to port over to the latest version of the CLI (i.e. v11.11.3)?

Thanks for your help!

This particular problem is caused by some recent changes in our APIs related to analytics, but it should be resolved very soon.
Thanks for reporting.
However, we do strongly recommend upgrading the CLI tools to the most recent version.
We’ll let you know when the issue is fixed.

The configuration problem on our backend is fixed now, and your script should work again.
Please let us know if you still have the problem.

Again, we strongly suggest upgrading to the most recent CLI release.

Verified that our script is now fully working.

Thanks for looking into this and providing the update.

We will be upgrading to the latest CLI version in the near future.