Error while trying to flash to SD on windows + mac

Hey there. Just trying to flash Home Assistant 9.5 onto an SD card. I have both a Windows and Mac OS machine and both return the same error attempting to flash the card, though Windows is a bit more lengthy.

I launched both in their respective admin modes

Starts with “Something went wrong… Something about check for corruption of the archive”

I’ve scanned the SD card in windows and there are no known errors to the scanner.

It continues with the stacktrace which I can’t seem to copy but it sources the error to child-writer.js line 1, then has a huge stack of JS

Finally, after a bunch of minified JS: econn reset

Could it be the repository I’m flashing from, since it seems to be independent of the systems?

Hello, can you try flashing a different archive just to see if the HA 9.5 is at issue? If you provide a link to the exact archive you were trying to flash we can try it as well.

Here is the archive I attempted:

Can you recommend a good “control” archive?

Does anyone have any thoughts?


I was just experiencing the same problem flashing the RPI sd card

I got around the issue by downloading and uncompressing the .img.xz file on my macbook and then flashing from file in Balena

My home assistant is now up!

Ping if you need more details mate

I’ll give this a shot, thank you.

This appears to have been the solution. Thanks johnwood!

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