Error when flash image to Raspberry Pi 4


I have issue when try to flash image for Raspberry Pi 4, send this error message, the error message when validate flash:

\.\PhysicalDrive2:Checksum does not match for range [0,1998585844]:“6a8efa0b254f4a11”!=“e10e154f25dfd374”

I try this options to solve but I have still the issue:

  1. Other USB port
  2. Other sd card
  3. Other PC
  4. Many Images (Retropie and Batocera)

I work in Windows 10 x64

I try with Retropie and Batocera images (Custom and Official)



Hi, this is a known issue. See this older post 'Checksum does not match for range' <> Etching onto microSD Card
Can you still try to boot the images? Other reports said the image should boot fine despite the error message