'Checksum does not match for range' <> Etching onto microSD Card

When my flash completed i am seeing the below error:
\.\PhysicalDrive2: Checksum does not match for range [0,336592895]: “78983675918aa910” !=“15af1cf2eda5274e”

I can still load the OS into my pi and it will run. I have tried on two different ssds with two different OS’s. The only think that I have kept the same is the USB adaptor in order to connect to the micro sd card

both timtes the SD Card has been SanDisk Ultra 64gb

Hello, this seems to caused by the OS creating a SVI folder before validation, so the checksum of the drive content won’t match what we expect. We are working on a fix for this issue, it is already there for Linux and macOS, but the Windows one requires a bit more effort. Unfortunately there is no way to remove that error for now, but as you already discovered the image should work fine even though that is reported.