ERROR: Balena Etcher not going to my user's download folder

Balena etcher is going to a diffrent profile’s download folder instead of my own profile. When i go to this pc, user, then my profile to get to my download folder, I select my iso, and it does not flash saying couldnt clean the drive, diskpart /s and it gives this message 3 times, which can be seen here Please help
EDIT: latest version
EDIT 2 : I got it to flash, but it still will not go to my downloads folder, and does it have a setting for persistence? I am trying to flash parrot os and get persistence on it.

Hi Sam, that is strange. I have to wonder if there are some local environment settings or variables at play here. For testing purposes, can you try the standalone .exe version of Etcher, just to see if this behavior is duplicated there as well? You can find it here: