Empty Dashboard on fresh install

Hi there,

For my first try I used my PI3 and everything was OK.
This time I made the same setup on some PI-Zero-WH but the dashboards are empty
I use the last 1.5.7 version, re push everything wi the --no-cache argument but still blocked.

Here is my dashboard : http://prntscr.com/odzlnf

Here is my installation log : https://pastebin.com/F2XaqXEi

No idea what can I do

Best regards

Hi there! welcome to the forums :smiley:
You mentioned that you use “the last 1.5.7 version”: what software is this the version of? BalenaOS, the CLI or perhaps a example project?
Has the Pi-zero connected to the balenaCloud dashboard?
Please bear in mind that the Raspberry Pi 3 and the Pi zero don’t have compatible architecture, so you will need to create a separate balenaCloud application for the Pi zero.