Drive Mountpoint Problem

I am trying to resurrect one of my laptops which had windows 7 OS and I want to change to Linux Mint.
I download the linux program onto a usb, but when I try to use I get the display screen Showing LM and select drive and finally flash on my screen. However when I click “select Drive” I get the notice “Drive Mountpoint Contains Image” From there I can go no further.

What does the message mean and how do I come around it. Note I am not a computer techky.

Hi there. If you have the linux image on the same drive where you are trying to flash it to, it will give you that error. What you need to do is have the image (the one you downloaded for Linux Mint) on your hard drive, delete it from the USB drive, and then try flashing it. Let us know if that works, and if you need any further assistance. Another thing is to make sure you are using the latest version of Etcher.