Docker Compose Profiles

I am building an app that deploys to devices that are used for different use cases, for example some devices just need a browser while others need a back end framework and other hardware specific apps. But for the containers that the different devices share, we would like them to be identical (ie chromium). Rather than creating git submodules or cloning the whole app, I came across docker compose profiles which seem to exactly suit our needs:

Any chance these will work with balena?

I don’t know of any plan to support that unfortunately. Probably the best solution right now is to either have multiple docker-compose.yml, or a template system for compose files. Google’s repo tool might also be an alternative to git submodules.

@Ereski thanks for the reply, we are using your first solution to just built a deploy script that selects the right docker-compose.yml based on the device we are building for. Seems to achieve the desired result - so we are all set.