Balena deploy specific docker-compose file

Hey balena Team and community members,

I primarily use balena deploy even though I’m using balena cloud as the host and I want to have a couple different configurations within the docker files.

It appears that you cannot specify a docker-compose while doing the deploy so what I’m doing is one giant docker-compose file and commenting out the pieces that I want to push. I just wanted to hear from others if what I’ve gathered from researching the docs is correct in that you cannot specify the exact docker-compose file you want to be built.

It appears I could’ve done it with custom build args and just script variables into a make file script to handle different deployments but build args have been deprecated :disappointed:

Hey, thanks for reaching out - great to hear you’ve found a solution that works, even if it’s not perfect. Are you able to share any more context with regards to the different configurations you have set up?