Disk activity on my NUC

I have an Intel NUC I have recently added to an application to try stuff out (I’m totally new to this).

Now after adding it to an app it took some time before I got to pushing stuff to it (next on my list after writing this post), but I noticed that the disk LED is flashing continuously.

Can anyone shed a light on to what goes on, and how worried I should be about my disk?

constant activity on the hard disk does not sound normal to me. I can take a look at your device if you PM me your devices URL / UUID and enable support access .
Regards Thomas

That will have to wait until I wipe it after my experiments. The disk activity ceased after deploying to it, and I am currently using it for work experiments (while learning BalenaCloud as a bonus :wink: ).

Can you specify further what you would need? Is it URL or UUID or both, and what URL exactly?

Hi you could just post the dashboard URL you use to access the device or click on the little copy button next to the UUID in the dashboard.
You would also have to open the menu to the right of the reboot and restart buttons and use the ‘Grant Support Access’ item to enable support access.

Hey, are you still experiencing issues with the device? If you still see constant disk activity please enable support access (as Thomas explained, just access a device, and if you expand the actions you will see “enable support access”) and share the UUID of the device in a private message.