Balena checks : lots of process running

Balena OS on NUC:

i see 995 balena info stuck.

  • issuing the command manually does not return the prompt.

I had to reboot the device to get it back.


After a reboot balena service did not restart:

systemctl list-units --state=failed

sorry for the multiple threads but as a newby i cannot post multiple images on a single thd.


Is it possible to share support access to this device?
Please enable support access, and then private message me the UUID of the device so that I can take a look at this one

It would also help if you can share the device diagnostics and device health reports for this device. In case it’s something we can fix quite easily - like lack of space, etc.

This is mostly an issue with low disk space. Is there something that your application is doing that is consuming a lot of disk?

Hi there – I’m just following up on this post. From our earlier investigation, it looked like your device was running out of disk space. Can you please try the fixes listed here and let us know if this resolves the issue?

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You were right,

disk went full.

Is there a recommended way to let say mount data disk so it will not eats up all the space? or even better mount it in read only?


Hi there,
you have to check if your application writing a lot of data in the container. The data volume that was full, and these are data that are generated by your own app code.
So any kind of cleaning up the data e.g. at the end of the month or reducing the amount of the data you persist would help.