Intel NUC - Device status is "offline" but logs are streamed

I have an intel nuc which claims that it is offline, but appears to be running applications, accepting pushes, and pushing logs. Any idea what’s going on? I’ve tried rebooting it but that doesn’t seem to help. Is this a known / intented state with intel nuc devices?

Hey @greenwalrus, this will be because the online status is in regards to whether the device is connected to the VPN and able to make use of the functionality there (device reboot, push update notifications, etc), however the device’s supervisor does also poll for updates so it will still update (albeit with a slight delay) and the logs are sent back to the resin dashboard via https rather than via the VPN so they will be able to work. If you want the device to show as online and use the enhanced functionality though you will probably need to check your network’s firewall to see if it’s blocking VPN traffic

Hmmm. That’s sort of odd. I have another device on the same network which isn’t having these problems. However, this device is coming in over a wired connection, where as that connection is wireless. I’ll dig into it. Also the resinos image I used was configured for wireless (but that didn’t seem to be working), so I just plugged in an ethernet cable and it started working. I’m wondering if maybe the VPN is still trying to use the wireless?

Hey @greenwalrus,

When you say it wasn’t working I guess you mean that it wasn’t showing as online on the dashboard, but was still streaming logs?

That certainly would seem like VPN traffic being blocked, if possible I would check the AP settings, to see if somehow it could have been configured to block VPN traffic on wireless connections, however unlikely that seems.

There mare no api specific settings - I’m going to flash a dev image on it and ssh in with tcpdump to see what is broken.

@CameronDiver I know this is an old ticket, but I wanted to get a bit more information about this, as we are experiencing a very similar issue: are you using OpenVPN or a similar standard protocol for the VPN? We have a customer who does deep packet analysis on their network and even though they’ve whitelisted port 443 for *, we can’t still see their devices as online on Balena. My guess is they might have another, protocol rather than port-based, rule that is taking precedence.

Hey David, thank you for reaching out :wave:. I can confirm that we are using openVPN for the VPN services. You can read more about the network requirements in our documentation.