Tunneling / Device Provisioning Issues



we are currently experiencing a few issues with devices in production. Some of them never have anything written in the logs and some of them can’t build up a VPN-Tunnel - also those devices do not automatically download updates. We’ve tried restarting them, rebooting them - none of this helps.

However the Online / Offline Status works normally. Those devices do update their status right when switching them on or off.

When trying to connect to their Public-URL this leads to showing an error like “socket hang up”.

Some Devices on the same Network work without any issues.

Any advices?




Hi Simon,

I’m going to contact you privately to get some more information this.


As discussed, this is a known problem that can occur in ResinOS 1.x (related Docker bug: https://github.com/moby/moby/issues/23371). I have manually restarted your supervisors for now but if you are in a position to upgrade to ResinOS 2.0 I would advise giving that a go.


That’s fixing the issue - Thanks very much! I’ll see what we can do - updating those devices that are already in the fields …



Hey Will there is another device that is hanging but right now I haven’t got the possibility to change this software to ResinOS 2.0 - That “Manually restarting supervisors” thing helped last time - so could you please do this again!?



Hi Simon,
I have pinged you separately on e-mail for getting the device details.


Thanks! Already replied :wink:


Hi Simon,
the board should be working fine now.
Thanks for your patience


Hi @simonkemper - something to add here: while we implement 1.x to 2.x updates, you can already upgrade remotely to 1.26.0, which should make it less likely that your devices hit these bugs.